February’s Record Club: SINGLES NIGHT


Sometimes, rules are there to be broken. Or at the very least respectfully ignored…

Usually at Glossop Record Club, we ‘listen to albums, on vinyl, in full’ (as the slogan goes). But, on Thursday 13th February, the evening will revolve at 45 RPM, as we turn our attention to the single (and its close cousin the EP) of all vinyl shapes, sizes and colours… 7″, 12″, coloured vinyl, picture disc… We’ll even have the technology to play precious 78s.

45bob  78s  45stack

colour  12s  70s

Taking pride of place alongside the usual record club hi-fi will be a fully-working early 1960s Dansette RG31, on which we’ll stack up some vintage 45s and play ‘Dansette Roulette’, a little game that involves watching the records drop down on top of each other and finding out which ones will play, and which ones will slip and slide. It’s great fun! The Dansette is also equipped with a stylus suitable for 78s if anyone wishes to share the shellac.

dansettefront  dansettestack  dansettebadge

dansettesue  45box1  45box2

From rock ‘n’ roll in the 1950s; The Beatles, The Stones, Mod, Motown and Stax in the 60s; Glam, Punk, New Wave and 2 Tone in the 70s; Factory, Rough Trade and 4AD in the 80s; to Sub Pop and Britpop in the 90s… get digging through your 45s and bring some with you.

Doors open at 8pm, and from 8.30, the session will be broken into 20 minute chunks, so if you fancy claiming one of these chunks to spin some of your favourite singles and maybe talk about them, get in touch (via Twitter, Facebook or the comments section below). I’ll be devoting my slot to 1960s b sides and non-album tracks (plus making good use of the Dansette).

But if you’ve just got a couple of things you want to play and not talk about, that’s fine. Just bring the records with you on the night and if needs be, elbow your way to the deck.

Finally, we’ll end the evening by listening to one of three classic singles collections (all that getting up and down and changing records might get a bit too much). Either Buzzcocks ‘Singles Going Steady’, The Cure ‘Standing On A Beach’ or Squeeze ‘Singles 45s And Under’. No online poll this time, we’ll make a call on it on the night.

buzzccks  cure  squeeze

I hope you can join us for what promises to be an eclectic and entertaining evening of music, all in celebration of the single.

One final note… Don’t come looking for love, it’s not that kind of singles night!

Glossop Record Club’s SINGLES NIGHT
Thursday 13th February, 8-11pm.
Glossop Labour Club, Chapel Street, Glossop, SK13 8AT.

Click here for venue and travel details.



Memory of a free record club


It’s been two days since the BOWIE ON VINYL session, and I’m still stunned and somewhat slightly dazed. And that’s not just down to the effect of hearing The Legendary Stardust Cowboy at high volume and in close proximity (more about that later). It’s the sheer number of people who came along on the night.

At around 35 people, it was our biggest crowd yet for Glossop Record Club, meaning that we had to quickly move the gear from our usual spot in the labour club’s snug and into the main bar so that everyone could be accomodated. It was great to see so many new faces alongside the regulars, but rather nerve-wracking for me when I stood up to introduce the first album.


I’d like to thank you all for coming, and most importantly, for listening and making it a brilliant night. Also, thanks to those who brought along Bowie and Bowie-related records to play. Special mention must go to Steve McNamee, who brought The Legendary Stardust Cowboy single ‘Paralyzed’, and for the very informative and entertaining story behind the record and it’s connection to David Bowie. However, for those of us who had never heard the song before (myself included), nothing could have prepared us for what lay in those grooves…

Another special addition to the night were the David Bowie buns, courtesy of my wife (those cake toppers were my Christmas present I’ll have you know). It was his birthday the day before after all (Happy Birthday Mr Bowie). But don’t expect to get fed every time!


The winner of the ‘Berlin Trilogy’ poll was Low, with “Heroes” and Lodger coming joint second. And finally, with a little bending of the vinyl-only rules, Frank Sidebottom made his third Glossop Record Club appearance with his brief but brilliant version of ‘Life On Mars?’. It’s definitely become a tradition (and a challenge) to get Frank in there somewhere.

Here are a few of the comments posted on Twitter after the session:

“Fantastic Bowie night at Glossop Record Club complete with David Bowie cakes!”

“Enjoyed a packed Glossop Record Club Bowie night. Had to run on the dot of 11pm but took my Bowie cupcake. Well in.”

“Loved Bowie Night at Glossop Record Club tonight. Just hope me playing the Legendary Stardust Cowboy doesn’t scare everyone away for next time…”

“I love sitting in a room with a load of strangers listening to vinyl records IN FULL. IN SILENCE. Long live Glossop Record Club.”

“last night was just perfect”

Our next session is SINGLES NIGHT on Thursday 13th February. Details coming soon.


BOWIE ON VINYL – music played

All songs by David Bowie unless stated otherwise.


Golden Years (7″, RCA Victor, 1975)

WHITE LIGHT/WHITE HEAT (BBC sessions bootleg): White Light White Heat/Let Me Sleep Beside You/Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed/The Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud

CHANGESONEBOWIE (RCA Victor, 1976): Ziggy Stardust/Suffragette City/The Jean Genie

HUNKY DORY (RCA Victor, 1971)


Side One: Changes/Oh! You Pretty Things/Eight Line Poem/Life On Mars?/Kooks/Quicksand
Side Two: Fill Your Heart/Andy Warhol/Song For Bob Dylan/Queen Bitch/The Bewlay Brothers

Davy Jones & The King Bees – Liza Jane (7″, Decca, 1964/1978 reissue)

Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead (12″, Small Wonder, 1979)

Amsterdam (1973, Pin Ups bonus track on EMI 1990 reissue)

Helden (1977, from Bowie Rare, RCA, 1982)

Lou Reed – Vicious (1972, from New York Superstar compilation, Fame, 1978)

Hang On To Yourself (BBC session)/A Lad In Vain (outtake) (bootleg 7″)

Frank Sidebottom – Life On Mars? (Sci-Fi EP, Regal Zonophone, 1986)


The Legendary Stardust Cowboy – Paralyzed/Who’s Knocking on My Door? (7″, Mercury, 1968)


LOW (RCA Victor, 1977)


Side One: Speed Of Life/Breaking Glass/What In The World/Sound And Vision/Always Crashing In The Same Car/Be My Wife/A New Career In A New Town
Side Two: Warszawa/Art Decade/Weeping Wall/Subterraneans


Iggy Pop – Nightclubbing/Funtime (The Idiot, RCA, 1977)

Underground (Picture disc, EMI America, 1986)


The London Boys (Toy, 2000, bootleg)

David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto – Forbidden Colours (7″, Virgin, 1983)

The Man Who Sold The World (‘live’ version) (Strangers When We Meet 7″, RCA, 1995)


Absolute Beginners (12″, Virgin, 1986)

Listen to the BOWIE ON VINYL digital highlights mix on Mixcloud.