November’s Record Club: QUIET REVOLUTIONS


Glossop Record Club is back, not with a bang but a ‘shhhh’, on Thursday 12th November for an evening of of tender pianos, acoustic arpeggios, light drumming, and the occasional subtle horn or string section. Restrained yet powerful, these are the Quiet Revolutions.


We’ll be playing two albums, on vinyl and in full. Nina Simone’s ‘Wild Is The Wind’ was an influence on both David Bowie and Jeff Buckley and includes ‘Four Women’, one of many songs she wrote during the civil rights movement of the 1960s addressing and confronting issues faced by african-americans. Released as a single, it was banned by many radio stations in the USA.


Nick Drake‘s debut ‘Five Leaves Left’ was famously ignored upon its release in 1969, its reputation slowly and quietly growing over the years to the point where it has since become recognised as a classic album and will usually be hanging around in ‘greatest albums of all time’ lists in certain types of music magazines (and websites). By no means the first ‘sensitive’ singer-songwriter, Drake’s myth and legend is such that he is probably the most famous.


In addition to this, Glossop’s very own acoustic troubador Stickboy has put together a special ‘Quiet Revolutions’ mix for us to help set the mood. And before you get any further, check out his latest album ‘Songs From The Lower Bank‘. It’s rather good.

Both the main albums are quite short, which means there’ll also be time to share you own Quiet Revolutions, so get digging through your records and bring some along.

It’ll be an evening of hushed brilliance. Feel free to stroke your chin if you want to. See you there.

Glossop Record Club’s QUIET REVOLUTIONS
Thursday 12th November from 8pm
Glossop Labour Club, Chapel Street, Glossop, SK13 8AT

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SOUNDS FROM BEYOND: Post-session review & music played

formatsNever before has there been so many questions about a record club session. “What the heck do we bring?“. “I am confused, please help”. “Are you making this up?”. So it was good to see so many of you gather in the labour club to join us for a trip down the rabbit hole.

An evening of experimental, exotic and esoteric music was promised, and that’s pretty much what was delivered. An atmospheric and wonderfully weird and eclectic mix of music, old and new, all sharing the spirit of sonic adventure. There have been quite a few questions since about where to get hold of some of the music played, so keep reading for details.

Thanks to: Gavin Hogg and Simon Berkovitch for their invaluable input and contributions to the session. Without them, it wouldn’t have happened; Robin The Fog from Howlround for allowing us to include a sneak preview of their forthcoming album; Stickboy for the emergency loan of an operational reel-to-reel machine for the tape-based elements of the session; Keith, Beany, Darren and Brett for sharing their own ‘sounds from beyond’.

The Bloxham Tapes cassette is available by request from Stars, Dots and the “new” Junk. Contact them through their Bandcamp page. The Bloxham Tapes 8″ record was lathe cut by especially for playback at this session.

Torridon Gate (aka the ‘squeaky gate’ album) is by Radiophonic tape-loop duo Howlround. The vinyl edition is completely sold out, but there are CD/DL options here: Highly reccommended. A new album is on the way.

Also check out Pye Corner Audio, Ghost Box Records, Clay Pipe Music, Trunk Records and Finders Keepers Records for further listening adventures.

Here are some comments posted online following the session:

I loved that Broadcast album so much. Thanks for reminding me of it.

Really enjoyed the Broadcast album, have been playing it daily since.

Great to hear Broadcast played loud.

Shame I had to hot foot to last train…could have gone a bit more of that squeaky gate!

I had nightmares after listening to a creaky gate!

We’ll be back on Thursday 12th November for QUIET REVOLUTIONS featuring albums by Nina Simone and Nick Drake. Full details soon.


‘Sounds From Beyond’ reel-to-reel montage


Dr J R Pierce – Stochatta
Louis and Bebe Barron – Forbidden Planet: Main Title – Overture
Roj – Brain Sync
John Cameron and Frog – Psychomania: Turned To Stone
Pye Corner Audio – Recrypt
Delia Derbyshire and Anthony Newley – Moogies Bloogies
Carl Turney, Brian Campbell, David Chatton Barker – Magic
Pino Donaggio – Don’t Look Now: Dead End
Mordant Music – Plant Room
Howlround – Mount Shock
Belbury Poly – The Hidden Door
John Baker – 20th Century Focus
Bernard Herrman – Vertigo: Prelude – Rooftop
Lalo Schiffrin – Mission Impossible: Danube Incident

BROADCAST – The Noise Made By People (Warp Records, 2000)


Side One: Long Was The Year/Unchanging Window/Minus One/Come On Let’s Go/Echo’s Answer/Tower Of Our Tuning
Side Two: Papercuts/You Can Fall/Look Outside/Until Then/City In Progress/Dead The Long Year

JOE MEEK: Sci-Fi and Death Discs (selected by Simon Berkovitch)


The Tornados – Telstar
Geoff Goddard – Sky Men
John Leyton – Johnny Remember Me
Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages – Jack The Ripper
Glenda Collins – It’s Hard To Believe It



Harry Blythe – Investigation Into Reincarnation (excerpt)
David Cain and Ronald Duncan – October (from The Seasons)
White Noise – Here Comes The Fleas/Firebird (from An Electric Storm)
Daniela Casa – Pericolo (from Criminale – Vol. 1, Paura)
Goblin – Witch (from Suspiria)
Basil Kirchin – Prelude and Dawn (from Abstractions Of The Industrial North)
John Barry – The Knack (from The Great Movie Sounds Of John Barry)

Introduction to The Bloxham Tapes
Bloxham Tapes (8″ lathe cut)


Howlround – Torridon Gate (excerpt)


Holger Czukay – Cool In The Pool (from Movies)
Buke & Gase – Houdini Crush (from General Dome)

BBC Radiophonic Workshop: Desmond Briscoe – Quatermass And The Pit/Dick Mills – Bloodnok’s Stomach/Peter Howell – Greenwich Chorus (from BBC Radiophonic Workshop – 21)

Brigitte Fontaine – Le Ciel Est Doux (from Kiss Of The Damned)
David Lynch & Alan R. Spelt – Eraserhead soundtrack (excerpt)


Wavy Workshop – Glue Pot (from Further Exploration Of The Art Of The Synthesizer)
Artus/Kass – Spaceliner (from Journey Into Space)
The Johnny Hawksworth Nobility – Lunchtime Bustle (from Johann Hawksworth Bach)

Sweeney Todd The Barber (from BBC Sound Effects – More Death & Horror)

David John Sheppard – A Thumbnail Sketch of Infinity (from Vertical Land)

Listen to digital highlights here.

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