Session dates

Glossop Record Club meets on the 2nd Thursday of every month (except in August) at Glossop Labour Club on Chapel Street, right in Glossop town centre, from 8pm to 11pm (postcode SK13 8AT). See here for venue and travel info.

Entry is free, but a small donation to the volunteer-run Labour Club is a welcome gesture.

2017 Session Dates

12th January 2017 – Nothing Is Real
9th February 2017 – New Orleans funk & soul
9th March 2017 – Covers Night
13th April 2017 – Nick Cave
11th May 2017 – 50s/60s American Girl Groups
8th June 2017 – **CANCELLED** (no session)
13th July 2017 – Opportunity Knocked
10th August 2017 – NO SESSION
14th September 2017 – The Sounds Of 1967
12th October 2017 – English Weather (Ace Records)
9th November 2017  – Best of 2017
14th December 2017 – Xmas Social (Quiz, Vinyl Secret Santa)

2018 Session Dates

11th January 2018 – The Voices of Scott Walker
8th February 2018  – Singles Night III
8th March 2018
12th April 2018
10th May 2018
14th June 2018
12th July 2018
9th August 2018 – **NO SESSION**
13th September 2018  – 5th Anniversary Special
11th October 2018
8th November 2018
13th December 2018 – Xmas Social


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