Record Club update

Dear record clubbers,

As you may have expected, I have taken the decision to postpone our regular record club sessions for the foreseeable future and until such time it is same for us to resume.

Glossop Record Club is all about sharing music, and we’ll still be doing our monthly radio show for Radio Free Matlock, and we may even do some ad-hoc live shows in between. We’ll let you know if we do. We’ll asking for your shout outs and dedications for all of our radio shows. And of course, there are dozens of mixes from our seven years of meet-ups to keep you entertained on our Mixcloud page.

In the meantime, please support your favourite independent artists through Bandcamp rather than streaming services, and your favourite independent record shops by buying from them online. The same goes for our local shops and businesses.

But most of all, look after yourselves and help others where you can. Stay safe, stay healthy and we’ll see you soon.


Happy New Year!


A big thanks to you all for making 2017 another fantastic year at Glossop Record Club. Once again, with your help and involvement, we’ve covered a huge array of genres, eras and artists, playing full albums alongside singles and choice LP cuts, digging deep, sharing stories and uncovering many gems along the way.

If you want to listen back to highlights of this year’s sessions, they’re all here on Mixcloud, including Darren and Tom’s best of 2017, Bernie’s girl groups selections and not forgetting our own original music as played at Opportunity Knocked. As ever, the music is only half the story but it’s what brings us together each month. If you want the full story, you gotta be there! You can also listen back to our one-off live radio show which acted as a substitute when we were usurped by the general election. Pah.

There’s lots to look forward to in the coming year too including a special session to celebrate our 5th birthday in September! January’s session has been postponed, so our first gathering of 2018 will be on Thursday 8th February and the return of Singles Night. Full details nearer the time.

Happy New Year! See you in February.


2018 Session Dates

11th January 2018 – **NO SESSION**
8th February 2018  – Singles Night III
8th March 2018 – The Fall
12th April 2018
10th May 2018 
14th June 2018 
12th July 2018
9th August 2018 – **NO SESSION**
13th September 2018  – 5th Anniversary Special
11th October 2018
8th November 2018
13th December 2018 – Xmas Social

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Record Club Round-Up

It’s been a busy couple of weeks at GRC HQ. Here’s a quick round-up of recent happenings.

Hi-Fi Choice feature

The latest edition of Hi-Fi Choice magazine (March 2014) includes a three-page feature on Glossop Record Club, following a visit by one of their writers to the Lucky Dip session back in December. Available from larger newsagents and online.


On ‘The Chain’

Amazingly, and after many failed attempts over the years, I finally made it onto Radcliffe & Maconie’s long-running feature ‘The Chain’ on BBC 6 Music (Monday 10th February). I couldn’t pass up the chance to mention the record club, and Stuart Maconie asked quite a lot of questions about it. I felt like I was on there for ages! The clip is on Soundcloud if you want to hear it.

Singles Night

Our February session was last week. Read all about it here and also listen to ‘digital highlights’ here.

Mailing List

Finally, I’ve set up a mailing list for updates such as the above and for the stuff people may miss on Twitter and Facebook. Sign up here. I promise I won’t flood your inbox with needless rubbish. Honest!

Glossop Record Club’s Cult Heroes

The next Glossop Record Club session is this coming Thursday (14th November). We’ll be at Glossop Labour Club from 8pm. Entry is free, although a donation to the labour club is welcomed. Full venue and travel details here.

Our featured artists are The Velvet Underground and Rodriguez and we’ll play one album by each on vinyl and in full, with the Velvets album being decided on by votes (vote here now). Following the recent death of Lou Reed, instead of a Cult Heroes ‘mixtape’ we’ll play the 1978 compilation ‘New York Superstar’ instead.

We’ll have lots of other Cult Heroes on vinyl too. Expect to hear The Melvins, Syd Barrett, Bob Lind and The Swamp Rats. Feel free to bring along any records you think fit the theme and we’ll play a track or two from them. If you want some inspiration, this NME feature may help.


Here’s roughly how the evening will go:

8.00-8.30 – Lou Reed ‘New York Superstar’ (1978 compilation).

8.30-9.15 – The Velvet Underground poll-winning album.

9.15-10.15 – Bring Your Own Cult Hero.

10.15-11.00 – Rodriguez ‘Cold Fact’ (1970).

Hope to see you there.


Elvis Vs Elvis… let battle commence

The second Glossop Record Club session is this coming Thursday (10th October). We’ll be at Glossop Labour Club from 8pm. Entry is free, although a donation to the labour club is welcomed. Full venue and travel details here.

Quiet Loner is curating the session, with an evening of music from (and relating to) Elvis Presley and Elvis Costello. We’ll hear an album by each played from vinyl and in full (read more about the albums here), and we’ll also be doing a little ‘Elvis Vs Elvis’ quiz, with prizes including a pair of tickets for any Radio Shed Promotions gig at The Oakwood in Glossop and a ukelele very kindly donated by Peak Sounds.

Here’s (roughly) how the evening will run:

8-8.30pm: Elvis Vs Elvis – The Mix

8.30pm: 1st album

9.30pm: Elvis Vs Elvis – The Quiz

10pm: 2nd album

The ‘suggestions’ sheet will be there for anyone who wishes to make a suggestion for a future session. We’ll also be announcing the theme for November’s session along with more details of the Oktoberfest Sunday afternoon session on 20th October.

To get you in the mood, here’s Elvis singing Elvis.

Hope to see you there.


1973… Gonna bring your records?

Just one week to go until the first Glossop Record Club session on Thursday 12th September at Glossop Labour Club from 8pm. No tickets required and entry is free (although a voluntary donation to the labour club would be a nice gesture).

We’ll be listening to two albums, on vinyl and in full. The theme is 1973 and the featured album is Roxy Music’s For Your Pleasure. Votes are still coming in for the second album we’ll play (if you haven’t voted yet or want to add your own 1973 album to the poll then please do so now). Stevie Wonder is currently leading the way, with Pink Floyd a close second. If you want to bring some of your own 1973 records down anyway, albums or singles, we’ll be having a ‘free play’ slot to bring the evening to close when we’ll play as many tracks from those records as we can.

I’m pleased to announce that Agnes Guano of The Downstairs Lounge blog takes the guest slot and will be playing a few British comedy records from our chosen year.

We’ll have suggestions sheets for people to give their ideas for future events and we’ll also be announcing details of the October session.

Here’s how the evening will (roughly) break down:

8.00-8.30 pm: 1973 reel-to-reel ‘mixtape’

8.30-9.15 pm: 1st album – Roxy Music – For Your Pleasure

9.15-9.25 pm: Break

9.25-9.40 pm: Guest slot – Agnes Guano’s 1973 comedy records

9.40-10.20 pm: 2nd album – vote winner

10:20-11.00 pm: ‘Free Play’ – as many songs as we can fit in before the night ends!

Venue and travel details have been added to the site:

Hope to see you there. Gonna bring your records?


I heard the news today, oh boy

In the latest Buxton Advertiser (29th August) there’s a very nice feature about Glossop Record Club. It’s in the Glossop edition of course. Go buy it (it’s only 45p) or read it here.

ImageAlso, the posters and flyers are ready to go, thanks to One5Designs for the printing those so quickly. Look out for them appearing round town over the coming days.

ImageIn the meantime, keep voting, and see you at Glossop Labour Club on Thursday 12th September at 8pm. Entry is free, although a voluntary donation to the Labour Club would be a welcome gesture.