January’s Record Club: NOTHING IS REAL


We kick off our 2017 sessions on Thursday 12th January with NOTHING IS REAL, a trip into the world of homage, parody, pastiche and pseudonyms.

The first of our featured albums will be 25 O’Clock by The Dukes Of Stratosphear. Released in 1985 by a well-known new wave band in disguise, the album is an homage to 1960s psychedelia and transcends mere pastiche and parody to be a brilliant piece of work in its own right.


Much the same can be said of our second album, Neil Innes’ brilliantly realised songs for the spin-off Monty Python mockumentary The Rutles. Once you get past the ‘spot the Beatles’ references (of which there are loads crammed into every song), it’s actually a hugely enjoyable album, made with genuine love and affection that even the Fabs themselves approved of. Sadly their publishers didn’t. But that’s another story.


And as these are both short albums, Brett will be sharing a few more records that fit the theme, including Spinal Tap and Bad News.

Plus, just who was Arnold Corns?!

See you there.


Thursday 12th January from 8pm

Glossop Labour Club, Chapel Street, Glossop, SK13 8AT


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