July’s Record Club: VINYL FEST 2014 live albums special


Glastonbury. Isle of Wight. Reading. T in the Park. Bestival. Cropredy… Festival season is in full swing, and you can bet that on any given weekend over the summer months, there’s one happening somewhere. Maybe even near you.

And we can now add to that illustrious list Glossop Record Club’s VINYL FEST 2014 on Thursday 10th July. One night of live music. On vinyl. No wellies or waterproofs required.

Who ‘headlines’ VINYL FEST is up to you. Vote in the poll below for the live album you want to hear in full on the night (you can choose as many of the albums as you like). The runners-up will be ‘support acts’.


The Beatles, Otis Redding, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Johnny Cash, Led Zeppelin, The Who, David Bowie, Lou Reed, Roxy Music, Ramones, Rolling Stones, The Cramps, Talking Heads and U2 are the choices so far. If you have a live album you want to add to the poll and bring on the night, just get in touch via the website, Twitter or Facebook and let me know.

As well as there being some more additions to the below poll, we’re pleased to announce that People’s Kitchen Glossop will be at VINYL FEST to give us some authentic festival flavours, serving a classic veggie burger complete with onions, relishes and salad. And best of all, it’s free!

The volunteer-run People’s Kitchen also hold a monthly event down at the labour club serving local, sustainable and affordable meals. Find out more on their website, or follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

‘Live’ music. Free food. Cheap beer. What more could you ask for?!


Glossop Records Club’s VINYL FEST 2014
Thursday 10th July, 8-11pm
Glossop Labour Club, Chapel Street, Glossop, SK13 8AT

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A load of Cults

Thanks to everyone who braved a rather chilly evening to come down to the Labour Club for the Cult Heroes session, and thanks to those who brought down their own Cult Heroes on vinyl to share with us all.

We began the evening with the Lou Reed compilation album ‘New York Superstar’ by way of a little tribute. The winner of the Velvet Underground poll was ‘The Velvet Underground’, their third album released in 1969, and we heard music from The Melvins, Frank Sidebottom, Television Personalities, Jonathan Richman, Ivor Cutler, Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra, Kevin Ayers and Syd Barrett, not forgetting the other album we played in full – ‘Cold Fact’ by Rodriguez.

Thanks to Mathew, Gavin, Matt and Brett for kindly bringing along their records to share with us. It made for a hugely entertaining and varied session.

Our next session is on Thursday 5th December (the first Thursday of the month for a change). More details on that to follow.

Here’s what was played.

nyssleeve nyslp

Lou Reed – New York Superstar (Fame, 1978/80s reissue)

Side One: Walk On The Wild Side/Charley’s Girl/Vicious/Berlin/Lady Day/A Gift

Side Two: Intro To Sweet Jane/Sweet Jane/ Caroline Says I/Billy/Goodnight Ladies

vu3sleeve vu3lp

The Velvet Underground – The Velvet Underground (Polydor, 1969/1986 reissue)

Side One: Candy Says/What Goes On/Some Kinda Love/Pale Blue Eyes/Jesus

Side Two: Beginning To See The Light/I’m Set Free/That’s The Story Of My Life/The Murder Mystery/After Hours

coldfact_sleeve coldfactlp

Rodriguez – Cold Fact (Sussex, 1970/2008 reissue)

Side One: Sugar Man/Only Good For Conversation/Crucify Your Mind/This Is Not A Song, It’s An Outburst: Or, The Establishment Blues/Hate Street Dialogue/Forget It

Side Two: Inner City Blues/I Wonder/Like Janis/Gommorah (A Nursery Rhyme)/Rich Folks Hoax/Jane S. Piddy

The Melvins – Hooch (Houdini, Atlantic, 1993)

The Melvins – Black Betty (single, Amphetamine Reptile Records, 2011)

Frank Sidebottom – Popular Medley (Frank’s Firm Favourites EP, Regal Zonophone, 1985)

Television Personalities – I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives (single, Rough Trade, 1981)

Jonathan Richman – Those Conga Drums (Jonathan Sings, Rough Trade, 1983)

Ivor Cutler & Linda Hirst – Women Of The World (single, Rough Trade, 1983)

Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood – Some Velvet Morning (Nancy & Lee, Reprise, 1968)

Pink Floyd – Mathilda Mother (2010 Mix)/Syd Barrett – Here I Go (2010 Remix) (An Introduction To Syd Barrett, Harvest, 2011)

Kevin Ayers – Girl On A Swing/Song For Insane Times/Stop This Train (Again Doing It)/Eleanor’s Cake (Which Ate Her) (Joy Of A Toy, 4 Men With Beards, 1969/reissue)

Glossop Record Club’s Cult Heroes

The next Glossop Record Club session is this coming Thursday (14th November). We’ll be at Glossop Labour Club from 8pm. Entry is free, although a donation to the labour club is welcomed. Full venue and travel details here.

Our featured artists are The Velvet Underground and Rodriguez and we’ll play one album by each on vinyl and in full, with the Velvets album being decided on by votes (vote here now). Following the recent death of Lou Reed, instead of a Cult Heroes ‘mixtape’ we’ll play the 1978 compilation ‘New York Superstar’ instead.

We’ll have lots of other Cult Heroes on vinyl too. Expect to hear The Melvins, Syd Barrett, Bob Lind and The Swamp Rats. Feel free to bring along any records you think fit the theme and we’ll play a track or two from them. If you want some inspiration, this NME feature may help.


Here’s roughly how the evening will go:

8.00-8.30 – Lou Reed ‘New York Superstar’ (1978 compilation).

8.30-9.15 – The Velvet Underground poll-winning album.

9.15-10.15 – Bring Your Own Cult Hero.

10.15-11.00 – Rodriguez ‘Cold Fact’ (1970).

Hope to see you there.