November’s Record Club: BEST OF 2017


We’re back on Thursday 9th November when Darren and Tom will bring us bang up to date by taking us through some of their favourite releases of the year. Among others, expect to hear music by Jane Weaver, Oh Sees, Sleaford Mods, Future Islands and many more. All on vinyl, of course!

Darren writes:

With so many traumatic events and losing so many musical titans, last year was often a difficult one for music lovers to live through. It felt at times like the world of music was getting a kicking. 

So has 2017 fought back? You bet it has! Like a Phoenix from the flames, music this year has provided plenty of hope and beauty for these troubled times.

Tom and I are hoping to provide an eclectic selection of tunes from 2017 to thrill, entertain and delight (or at the very least provoke some kind of toe-tapping reaction).

Expect everything from gentle folk-rock to shouty punk-pop and all the weird and wonderful noises in between.

Don’t forget to bring your own selections to play – there’s sure to be some time to give us a taste of your own “Best of 2017”.

Hope to see you all on Nov 9th 🙂


BEST OF 2017
Thursday 9th November from 8pm
Glossop Labour Club, Chapel Street, Glossop, SK13 8AT

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