Thanks to everyone who ventured out and braved the rather wet and miserable weather. Very brave! Wild Is The Wind indeed…

Thanks also to everyone who brought along records to share too. There was a beautiful serendipitous flow to the music after the two main albums – The Velvet Underground, John Cale and John Martyn (the last two with direct connections to Nick Drake), Judy Collins covering Bob Dylan and a Frank Sinatra song recently covered by the aforementioned Bob.

And I hope you don’t mind that I played a Johnny Mathis record, but hearing his original of Wild Is The Wind next to Nina Simone’s radical reworking really demonstrated what an amazing interpreter of song she was.

Finally, thanks to Glossop’s very own Stickboy for curating the Quiet Revolutions mix that kicked off the session and set the tone. Please check out his latest album ‘Songs from the Lower Bank’, one of my favourite albums of 2015. Buy it and support local music! Find it here.


Some comments from the night:

2 songs in and already amazing! Nina Simone.

Excellent night at @GlossopRecord can’t go wrong with Nina Simone and Nick Drake. Bit of classic Harry Nilsson to boot.

What could be better than listening to Nina Simone and Nick Drake when the rain is beating down outside? @GlossopRecord loved the Eno too.

Thanks to @GlossopRecord for another enlightening evening and the fact I’m now going to spend a load more money discovering Nick Drake!

We’ll be back on Thursday 10th December for a Christmas Social. Full details soon.


Quiet Revolutions mix by Stickboy
Gregory Alan Isakov – Time Will Tell
Blind Pilot – The Story I Heard
Josh Rouse – Street Lights
Rilo Kiley – Go Ahead
Jude – Madonna
Kings Of Convenience – Me In You
Daughter – Landfill
Guy Clark – That Old Time Feeling
John Martyn – Back To Stay
Stickboy – Castaways

Johnny Mathis – Wild Is The Wind (Fontana, 1957)

NINA SIMONE – Wild Is The Wind (Philips, 1966)


Side One: I Love Your Lovin’ Ways/Four Women//Lilac Wine/Break Down And Let It All Out/Either Way I Lose
Side Two: Why Keep Breakin My Heart/Wild Is The Wind/Black Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair/If I Should Lose You

Nina Simone – Funkier Than A Mosquito’s Tweeter (It Is Finished, RCA, 1974)
Frank Sinatra – One For My Baby (Sinatra Plus, Fontana, 1961, recorded 1947)
Khruangbin – A Calf Born In Winter (LateNightTales, 2014)
Steve Forbert – Tonight I Feel So Far Away From Home (Alive On Arrival, Epic, 1978)

NICK DRAKE – Five Leaves Left (Island, 1969)


Side One: Time Has Told Me/River Man/Three Hours/Day Is Done/Way To Blue
Side Two: Cello Song/The Thoughts Of Mary Jane/Man In A Shed/Fruit Tree/Saturday Sun


Velvet Underground – Pale Blue Eyes (originally from The Velvet Underground, 1969)
John Cale – Big White Cloud (Vintage Violence, CBS, 1971)
Biff Rose – Just Like A Man (Children Of Light, Tetragrammaton Records, 1968)
John & Beverley Martin – Tomorrow Time (Stormbringer!, Island, 1970)
Judy Collins – Tomorrow Is A Long Time (Fifth Album, Elektra, 1965)
Frank Sinatra – The Night We Called It A Day (Where Are You, Capitol, 1957)
Joe Pass – (Portraits Of Duke Ellington, Pablo Records, 1975)
Harry Nilsson – Coconut (Greatest Music, RCA, 1978)
Bunk Dogger – Samba To December (First Offence, RCA, 1978)
Tim Burgess – A Case For Vinyl (Oh No I Love You, O Genesis, 2012)
Mazzy Star – Flowers In December (Capitol, 1996)
EnoAnother Green World (Polydor, 1975) (Side 2): Sombre Reptiles/Little Fishes/Golden Hours/Becalmed

Listen to highlights here or click the player below.

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