November’s Record Club: QUIET REVOLUTIONS


Glossop Record Club is back, not with a bang but a ‘shhhh’, on Thursday 12th November for an evening of of tender pianos, acoustic arpeggios, light drumming, and the occasional subtle horn or string section. Restrained yet powerful, these are the Quiet Revolutions.


We’ll be playing two albums, on vinyl and in full. Nina Simone’s ‘Wild Is The Wind’ was an influence on both David Bowie and Jeff Buckley and includes ‘Four Women’, one of many songs she wrote during the civil rights movement of the 1960s addressing and confronting issues faced by african-americans. Released as a single, it was banned by many radio stations in the USA.


Nick Drake‘s debut ‘Five Leaves Left’ was famously ignored upon its release in 1969, its reputation slowly and quietly growing over the years to the point where it has since become recognised as a classic album and will usually be hanging around in ‘greatest albums of all time’ lists in certain types of music magazines (and websites). By no means the first ‘sensitive’ singer-songwriter, Drake’s myth and legend is such that he is probably the most famous.


In addition to this, Glossop’s very own acoustic troubador Stickboy has put together a special ‘Quiet Revolutions’ mix for us to help set the mood. And before you get any further, check out his latest album ‘Songs From The Lower Bank‘. It’s rather good.

Both the main albums are quite short, which means there’ll also be time to share you own Quiet Revolutions, so get digging through your records and bring some along.

It’ll be an evening of hushed brilliance. Feel free to stroke your chin if you want to. See you there.

Glossop Record Club’s QUIET REVOLUTIONS
Thursday 12th November from 8pm
Glossop Labour Club, Chapel Street, Glossop, SK13 8AT

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