July’s Record Club: SUMMER OF ’85


Who needs a DeLorean when we can use the power of vinyl to transport us back to the glory days of ’85? Glossop Record Club returns on Thursday 9th July, landing smack bang in the middle of the ’80s to celebrate the SUMMER OF ’85. It’ll also be just a few days short of the 30th anniversary of Live Aid.

So, what music were you listening to back then? What records did you buy?

Using a genuine 1985 Sharp music center (my Christmas present that year I’ll have you know), we’ll be making a collective compilation tape. So get digging through your records and bring along any from our chosen year that you wish to share, or choose one from the box of records that’ll be on hand. There’s a blank C90 just waiting to be filled!

Our full album will be revealed on the night. But here’s a clue… It was the first album to sell a million on CD, so this is our chance to claim it back and thumb our noses at an industry that told us records were rubbish. Ya boo sucks.

If you need any help in being reminded about the musical goings-on of 1985, this brilliant Smash Hits archive is a good place to start. Or if the music weeklies were more your thing, check these ‘end of year’ lists from NME and Melody Maker.

Looking back, it seems to me that pop music was still credible and wide-ranging, but was the last time it would be. The likes of The Cult, Madonna, Killing Joke, Scritti Politti, Fine Young Cannibals, Prince, The Cure, Tears For Fears, Depeche Mode and Eurythmics rubbed shoulders in the Top 40 and on Top Of The Pops. That’s just how it was.


And where were you when it was Live Aid? I watched it all on a portable black and white TV in my bedroom, perched next to the hi-fi, taping pretty much the whole lot on successive C90s until I fell asleep at around 2am (during Duran Duran’s set). I’ve still never seen or heard all of that last couple of hours, but I played those cassettes endlessly in the weeks and months that followed. If you’re lucky, I may play a few snippets on the night.


Hopefully that should be enough to get your memory going.

So, bring your records, bring mementos and memorabillia and share your stories and music of 1985. And if you’re feeling really brave, bring along a photo of yourself from 1985 to complete the picture! To show willing, here’s my school photo from that year.


We’ll draw the line at fancy dress though.

See you there.

Thursday 9th July, 8-11pm
Glossop Labour Club, Chapel Street, Glossop, SK13 8AT

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