April’s Record Club: AN EVENING OF COMEDY


On Thursday 9th April, Brett (curator of The Downstairs Lounge blog) will be at the helm for an evening of comedy. On vinyl of course.

If you’ve ever been to a Glossop Record Club session before, you will have no doubt encountered Brett and his record bag of delights. He was there at the very first session and his regular stints at the turntable are always memorable. Sometimes for the right reasons.


Among the treats lined up will be a smattering of Tony Hancock and Benny Hill, and the full album will be Monty Python’s ‘Live At Drury Lane’ from 1974. Plus if you have any comedy records you wish to share, bring them along and elbow your way to the deck when the moment presents itself.

Here are a few words from Brett about comedy records and his love for them.

“Comedy records have existed alongside mainstream music acts from the very earliest days of recorded sound. Popular music hall acts such as Albert Chevalier, Marie Lloyd, Billy Merson and Harry Lauder all committed songs from their stage act onto the new medium 78rpm records.

From then on, nearly all major stars (and a lot of very minor ones) have made and produced comedy records. The genre encompasses transcripts of radio and tv episodes, comedians performing live sets in venues from the largest hall to a room over a pub, as well as songs both silly and occasionally serious.

My obsession with comedy records began when my dad bought a new stereo to play his ‘serious’ music on. So while Eric Clapton and Black Sabbath stayed downstairs, I inherited the old stereo along with the records that he didn’t mind his young son playing with. So it was that I grew up with The Goons, Charlie Drake, Tony Hancock and Bernard Bresslaw for company, all played on aging record player. When December 1978 rolled around and The Barron Knights topped the charts, there was only one present I wanted. The die was cast and I was a determined comedy record collector. Thirty years on and despite a long dalliance with CDs I am still pursuing the odd, the quirky, the insane and the elusive. If only I could find that Finnish recording of  Barry Cryer singing The Purple People Eater.”

If you want a little something to help get you in the mood, have a listen to Brett’s appearance on All FM’s Charity Shop Classics from a while back. And see you on April 9th.

Glossop Record Club presents An Evening of Comedy
Thursday 9th April, 8-11pm
Glossop Labour Club, Chapel Street, Glossop, SK13 8AT

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