I was looking for a record club and then I found a record club…

Who knew there were so many Smiths fans in Glossop?! The labour club was packed out for our Smiths vinyl sesh, with people even coming from out of town (Broadbottom, Sheffield, London!). With Gavin as our official guide (who admitted he’d been waiting for a moment like this for a mere 31 years) we were treated to poll winner The Queen Is Dead, Morrissey’s Your Arsenal, a whole gamut of Smiths-related songs and even a reading from Morrissey’s autobiography.


There was a special moment too. The Queen Is Dead, side two, track one – Bigmouth Strikes Again. As the acoustic guitar and drums blasted out, the labour club became a sea of nodding heads and tapping feet, with air guitar, air drums and lots of singing along. A wonderful sight. It was a reminder too of the old side one/side two dynamic. In the digital age we sometimes forget how important the sequencing of songs and sides were (are) on vinyl. Both our featured albums were perfect examples of getting it right.

And after a few months break, Frank Sidebottom made a return (albeit on CD, but sometimes you have to make exceptions) with his rendition of The Smiths’ Panic. Welcome back Frank!


Thanks to Darren, Matt, Sean, Steve and Brett for bringing along Smiths-related records to share, and special thanks to Gavin for a truly memorable session. Full list of music played below.

Here are a few comments from the world of Twitter:

About to set off for @GlossopRecord Smiths night and I’m carrying vinyl in a plastic bag for the first time in years!

Some nice Smiths demos being played here at Glossop Labour Club.

A packed house here at the labour club tonight. Vinyl fans gather to hear The Queen is dead by the Smiths @GlossopRecord club.

I loved hearing “Queen is Dead”- this club is great.

Great night out at @GlossopRecord : The Smiths on vinyl. This night has opened my eyes – and ears!

A wonderful Smiths night @GlossopRecord last night – and a big pat on the back to @WholeHogg.

Thanks @GlossopRecord for a top night #smithsvinyl. Was hard to resist getting up and dancing at this one!

We’ll be back on Thursday 11th December for Lucky Dip 2. More info coming soon, but if you were there last year, you’ll know how it works. And if you weren’t, all will soon be revealed.



Morrissey – Sister I’m A Poet/Disappointed/Will Never Marry (Everyday Is Like Sunday 12″, HMV, 1988)
The The – The Beat(en) Generation (Mind Bomb, Epic, 1989) featuring Johnny Marr on guitar & harmonica
The Smiths – Girlfriend In A Coma (reggae version)/Death Of A Disco Dancer (alt version)/Paint A Vulgar Picture (alt version) (Unreleased Demos & Instrumentals, bootleg)
The Smiths – Asleep/Unloveable/Half A Person/Stretch Out And Wait (The World Won’t Listen, Rough Trade, 1987)

THE SMITHS – The Queen Is Dead (Rough Trade, 1986)

SIDE ONE: The Queen Is Dead/Frankly, Mr. Shankly/I Know It’s Over/Never Had No One Ever/Cemetry Gates

SIDE TWO: Bigmouth Strikes Again/The Boy With The Thorn In His Side/Vicar In A Tutu/There Is A Light That Never Goes Out/Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others

Electronic – Getting Away With It (7″, Factory, 1989)
Adult Net – Take Me (10″ blue vinyl, Fontana, 1989) featuring fifth Smith Craig Gannon
Sandie Shaw – Hand In Glove (Hello Angel, Rough Trade, 1988)
Morrissey – The Last Of The Famous International Playboys (7″ picture disc, Parlophone, 2013)
Julian Cope – Drive, She Said (Peggy Suicide, Island, 1991) featuring Mike Joyce on drums
Gigolo Aunts – Ask (7″, Fire Records, 1993)
The Sidebottoms – Panic (cd single!!!, 11:37, 1993)

MORRISSEY – Your Arsenal (HMV, 1992)


SIDE ONE: You’re Gonna Need Someone On Your Side/Glamorous Glue/We’ll Let You Know/The National Front Disco/Certain People I Know

SIDE TWO: We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful/You’re The One For Me, Fatty/Seasick, Yet Still Docked/I Know It’s Gonna Happen Someday/Tomorrow

Mick Ronson – Billy Porter (7″, RCA, 1974) Ronson produced Your Arsenal
David Bowie – Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide (7″, RCA, 1974) referenced by Morrissey on I Know It’s Gonna Happen Someday
T.Rex – Ride A White Swan (Ride A White Swan, Music For Pleasure, 1972) referenced by Morrissey on Certain People I Know
Roxy Music – Street Life (7″, Island, 1973) covered by Morrissey
The Jam – That’s Entertainment (Sound Affects, Polydor, 1981) covered by Morrissey
Johnny Marr – Easy Money (Playland, Warner Bros, 2014)
Johnny Marr – Generate! Generate! (The Messenger, Warner Bros, 2013)
Morrissey – Staircase At The University (World Peace Is None Of Your Business, Harvest, 2014)
Vincent Gerard & Steven Patrick – I Know Very Well How I Got My Note Wrong (7″, Factory, 1989)
Magazine – A Song From Under The Floorboards (7″, Virgin, 1980) covered by Morrissey
T.Rex – Metal Guru (7″, EMI, 1972) influenced Panic by The Smiths
Gene – For The Dead (7″, Costermonger, 1994) Smiths soundalikes!
Nancy Sinatra – Happy (7″, Reprise, 1968)
Sandie Shaw – Girl Don’t Come (7″, Pye, 1964)
Morrissey – Suedehead (7″, HMV, 1988)
Lou Reed – Satellite Of Love (Transformer, RCA, 1972) covered by Morrissey
Morrissey – Everyday Is Like Sunday (12″, HMV, 1988)
Sandie Shaw – Please Help The Cause Against Loneliness (Hello Angel, Rough Trade, 1988)
The Smiths – Rubber Ring (The World Won’t Listen, Rough Trade, 1987)

Listen to digital highlights here.


The aforementioned Sean (pictured), our visiting guest from that London has posted a full report about this session on his music blog, Say It With Garage Flowers. Read it here.


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