John Peel Night – comments and music played

This comment from Brett perfectly sums up the evening:

“What I loved was that it really sounded like a Peel show. Diverse, perverse, eclectic and dyspeptic!”

I could waffle on, but there’s no need with a summary that concise and precise. Thanks Brett.

But… Just to say a big ‘thank you’ to Gavin and Steve for providing us with a great choice of main albums and sharing stories of the music they discovered through listening to John Peel’s show and his importance to the British music scene.

Also, thanks to Paul from Glossop’s very own indie heroes (and NME C86 faves) The Bodines who told us the tale of their 1987 Peel session (and also played a track from it which he hadn’t heard since the original broadcast 27 years ago).

Finally, thanks to Brett, Rick, Bill, Beany, John and Andy for bringing down records to play and to Peter for digging out his 1970s cassettes of Peel show recordings. It was great to hear Lonnie Donegan, The Four Brothers and Ivor Cutler alongside The Fall, The Wedding Present and Mudhoney. Some proper Peel diversity there! And all the records were at the correct speed (although the Four Brothers record did fox me at first).

And if you’re wondering, the winner of the poll was The Wedding Present’s 1987 indieguitarpop classic George Best, with Joy Division and Half Man Half Biscuit coming a very close 2nd and 3rd.

We’ll be back on Thursday 13th November for THE SMITHS ON VINYL. Full details very soon.


“Really enjoyable evening over at tonight. Take my hat off to for pulling it together.”

“Enjoyed tonight club. Kinda strange listening to The Fall in a room full of people! Very enjoyable evening- I will return”

“The Fall… please make it STOP!”

“The Fall. That was The Fall. The Fall. The Fall. More from The Fall later. Love The Fall. The Fall.”

“Currently listening to The Wedding Present – George Best at Glossop Record Club. Great!”


Various – Fast ‘N’ Bulbous (Tribute to Captain Beefheart) (Imaginary Records, 1988)











Side Two: That Petrol Emotion – Hothead/The Primevals – China Pig/Sonic Youth – Electricity/Good And Gone – Harry Irene

John Peel 30 minute montage – clips of Peel’s shows from 1967-1996

peeltopeel peeltapes





Including excerpts of: Honor Blackman & Patrick Macnee – Kinky Boots/DEB Players – Murder!/Half Man Half Biscuit – Bad Review/Nirvana – Pentecost Hotel/Nirvana – About A Girl/Beck – Steve Threw Up/Don Carlos – My Bretheren Party/Joy Division – Dead Souls/The Faces – Stay With Me/Pink Floyd – Let There Be More Light/David Bowie – Almost Grown/The Skids – TV Stars/Billy Bragg – A Busy Girl Buys Beauty/Electro Hippies – Escape/Altered Images – Song Sung Blue

The Fall – Grotesque (After The Gramme) (Rough Trade, 1980)


Side One: Pay Your Rates/English Scheme/New Face In Hell/C’n’C-S Mithering/The Container Drivers
Side Two: Impression Of J. Temperance/In The Park/W.M.C. – Blob 59/Gramme Friday/ The N.W.R.A.

Mudhoney – Touch Me I’m Sick (Superfuzz Bigmuff, Sub Pop, 1988)
The Four Brothers – Makorokoto (Makorokoto, Cooking Vinyl, 1988)
Jah Woosh – Freedom Connection (Jamaica Sound 12”, 1977)
Lonnie Donegan – Lost John (Lonnie Donegan’s Golden Hour Of Golden Hits Vol. 2 , Pye)
Charlie Feathers – Deep Elm Blues (Rock And Roll, Star Records)
The Bodines – Clear (Peel session)

The Wedding Present – George Best (Reception Records, 1987)


Side One: Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft/What Did Your Last Servant Die Of?/Don’t Be So Hard/A Million Miles/All This & More/My Favourite Dress
Side Two: Shatner/Something & Nothing/It’s What You Want That Matters/Give My Love To Kevin/Anyone Can Make A Mistake/You Can’t Moan Can You

The Undertones – Teenage Kicks (twice, from 1978 John Peel broadcast)
The Squares – No Fear (Airebeat 7”, 1978)
The Beat – Ranking Full Stop (live) (Dance Craze, Two Tone, 1981)
The Wedding Present – Brassneck (RCA 12”, 1989)
Ivor Cutler – Bicarbonate of Chicken (Jammy Smears, Virgin, 1976)
Half Man Half Biscuit – Time Flies By (When You’re The Driver Of A Train) (Back In The DHSS, Probe Plus, 1985)
The Colorblind James Experience – Considering A Move To Memphis (Indie Top 20, 1988)
Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band – Yellow Brick Road (Safe As Milk, reissue)
Beck – Steve Threw Up (Bongload 7”, 1994)
The Dirtbombs – Ode To A Black Man (In The Red, 2002)

Peter’s old tape of John Peel shows


Jeff Beck – I’ve Been Drinking/Roxy Music – Virginia Plain

Peel Sessions Selections (reel-to-reel)
The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Radio One/David Bowie – Suffragette City/Tyrannosaurus Rex – The Misty Coasts of Albany/The Damned – Neat Neat Neat

Listen to digital highlights here.


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