Stars on 45


An unfinished and rejected ‘Singles Night’ poster (including a badly placed apostrophe)

I was convinced that the high turnout for January’s Bowie session was a blip. An anomaly owing more to the irresistible lure of Dame Dave. So with that in mind I set up for Singles Night as usual in the snug. But within minutes of rearranging the Labour Club furniture and making final tweaks to the sound system, it was clear that another busy night was in store and that the snug was just way too small for our needs. So once again (and with a little help) the gear was moved into the main bar… And the people kept on piling in, most with a record or two in a bag or box.


It was my hope that Singles Night would be an eclectic and entertaining mix of eras and genres… and that’s exactly what we got. Utterly unpredictable and utterly brilliant, with music from the 1950s right up to the present day (the complete playlist is below). I made sure the vintage Dansette radiogram was put to good use too.

The 20 minute slots were taken by myself (1960s b-sides), Brett from The Downstairs Lounge with a mix of comedy records and 1980s pop singles, Rick (who can be found selling some quality records at Glossop Emporium every Saturday) treated us to a handful of impossibly rare pre-reggae Jamaican 45s, and Record Club first-timer Paul who put some funk into the evening before hauling us into 80s and 90s indie.

We also found time for another Record Club first-timer Danny to sneak in a few of his treasured flexidiscs. Who knew Youngers Tartan and Smiths Crisps could be so groovy?!

Thank you to John, Bill, Matt, Penny and Gavin for the records they brought and introduced; Steve and Jonathan for providing us with a double dose of Frank Sidebottom; and everyone else who brought records – well done if you managed to get one of yours on the turntable, it was rather hectic on the decks. It was so busy that we quickly abandoned plans to play one of the singles collection LPs as originally intended. We’ll save those for another time.

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who came along. Whether you brought a record or just came to listen, you made it our most successful Record Club session yet. I asked Labour Club barman Martin for a rough headcount. His first estimate was 45 (which had a lovely poetic resonance with the singles theme), but after some consideration he revised it to “at least 50”. Blimey.

Here are some comments posted on Twitter following the session:

Great night at @GlossopRecord good to hear some Camper Van Beethoven and Jesus And Mary Chain. Also what an amazing rare Jamaican collection.

Wow, @GlossopRecord club is packed tonight!

The best night yet @GlossopRecord Club. Man with flexidiscs, you, sir, are a legend.

Superb evening @GlossopRecord tonight – where else could you listen to Bernard Bresslaw and the Jesus and Mary Chain in one night?

Another brilliant night @GlossopRecord club last night. What an eclectic mix of singles action!

Ska. Rockabilly. Weird flexidiscs. Jesus & Mary Chain. And Frank Sidebottom of course. Just another typically brilliant night @GlossopRecord Club.

Went to @GlossopRecord last night – always great entertainment to be had. You never know what you’re gonna hear, that’s the best part.

Our next session is Merseybeat on Thursday 13th March with Steve Roberts. Join us for an evening of music by Liverpool bands from the 1960s to the present day. The featured albums will be The Beatles’ Sgt Pepper and Yes It Is by Rockin’ Horse. More details soon.




Fats Domino – I’m Ready (7”, 1958)

Chuck Berry – You Never Can Tell (7”, 1964)

The Everly Brothers – Gone Gone Gone (7”, 1964)

The Animals – Bring It On Home To Me (7”, 1965)

Bob Dylan – Positively 4th Street (7”, 1965)

Manfred Mann – If You’ve Gotta Go, Go Now (7”, 1965)


Jim Dale – Be My Girl (10” 78, 1957)

Bernard Bresslaw – You Need Feet (EP, 1959)

J Geils Band – Centrefold (7”, 1981)

Tracy Ullman – Breakaway (7”, 1982)

Anthony Newley – Bee-Bom (7”, 1961)


Dakota’s All Stars – Call Me Master (sound system blank 7”, 1964)

Jimmy Cliff – Gold Digger (7”, 1962)

Bob Marley – Donna (7”, 1965)

Prince Buster – She Loves You (7”, 1964)

Roy Richards – Western Standard Time (7”, 1966)


Carl Craig – Sandstorms (12”, 2004)

The Shadows – Dance On (7”, 1962)

The Tourists – So Good To Be Back Home Again (7”, 1979)

Talking Heads – Psycho Killer (12”, 1977)

Teenage Fanclub – The Concept (7”, 1991)


Dave Berry – Don’t Gimme No Lip Child (7”, 1964)

The Who – Daddy Rolling Stone (7”, 1965)

The Walker Brothers – After The Lights Go Out (7”, 1966)

The Beatles – Rain (7”, 1966)

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich – The Sun Goes Down (7”, 1967)


Father William – Get Moving (Youngers Tartan/Scottish & Newcastle Breweries) (flexidisc, 1974)

Barnes & Adams – When It Comes To The Crunch (It’s Smiths IT IS!) (Smiths Crisps) (flexidisc, 1966)

Tequila (free Clarks Shoes 7”)


Bobby Byrd – I Know You Got Soul (7”, 1971)

Camper Van Beethoven – Take The Skinheads Bowling (7”, 1986)

Menswear – Daydreamer (7”, 1995)

Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – Patio Song (7”, 1996)

The Jesus & Mary Chain – Never Understand (7”, 1985)

FRANK FACE OFF! (Steve and Jonathan)

Frank Sidebottom – Timperley Sunset (12”, 1987)

Frank Sidebottom – Guess Who’s Been On Match Of The Day (EP, 1990)


Elvis Costello & The Attractions – I Can’t Stand Up For Falling Down (2 Tone) (withdrawn 7”, 1980)


Buddy Holly – Midnight Shift (7”, 1959)

Roy Head – Treat Her Right (7”, 1965)


Saint Raymond – Young Blood (10”, 2014)


The Goodies – Father Christmas Do Not Touch Me (7”, 1974)


The Dubwood Allstars – Under Dubwood (7”, 2012)


Magazine – Shot By Both Sides (7”, 1978)

Happy Mondays – WFL (Wrote For Luck) (12”, 1989)

The Bodines – Therese (7”, 1986)

The Dukes Of Stratosphear – Mole From The Ministry/My Love Explodes (12”, 1987)

John Barry – The Persuaders (7”, 1971)

Orange – Judy Over The Rainbow (12” orange vinyl, 1994)

The Barron Knights – You’re All I Need (7”, 1972)

The Grumbleweeds – (Hey Babe) Follow Me (7”, 1974)

Jagwar Ma – Come Save Me (Andrew Weatherall Remix) (12”, 2013)

Listen to digital highlights via Mixcloud.


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