December’s Record Club: Lucky Dip


Glossop Record Club returns to Glossop Labour Club on Thursday 5th December for a pre-Christmas ‘Lucky Dip’. The session starts at 8pm and entry is free.

Here’s how it’ll work.

Choose a vinyl album (maybe a few). It could be your favourite record you’ve bought this year (whether it be a new release, reissue or secondhand). It could be an old favourite you just want to share, or maybe something that’s been tucked away in the loft or the spare room that you haven’t heard for ages.

Bring it with you to record club, write down what it is on a slip of paper, put the paper in the ‘hat’ (or whatever we’ve got that’ll do the job) and the two albums that get drawn out at random are the ones we’ll play in full. If your record doesn’t get chosen there’ll hopefully be time to spin a track or two anyway.

It’s a bit like the last day of term when you got to bring some games in. Or those sealed lucky dip bags that some record shops used to do with ten singles for £1 (although they were usually rubbish).

We’ll have some festive nibbles (nothing too fancy), Brett from The Downstairs Lounge blog will have some vinyl comedy treats and I’ll have a few vintage Christmas records too.

Finally, we’ll also have a donation box for the Bare Necessities Glossopdale Food Bank. Anything you could give would be really appreciated. They especially need tinned foods such as meat, tuna, tomatoes, veg (potatoes, carrots, peas, sweetcorn) and things like rice, tea, coffee, long life milk and sugar.

Read more about the food bank here –

So. Bring a record. Bring something for the food bank. Bring yourself. And see you on December 5th.

(Don’t worry if you don’t have a record to bring, everyone is welcome).


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