Elvis Vs Elvis – Quiet Loner Speaks

For October’s Glossop Record Club session, Quiet Loner (aka Matt Hill) presents two of his favourite albums – Elvis Presley’s ‘From Elvis In Memphis’ and Elvis Costello’s ‘King Of America’, which we’ll listen to in full from vinyl. Here’s why he chose them.


In 1977, one Elvis died and another was born. As Presley finally succumbed to years of drug abuse, Costello released his debut album. In my mind these two artists are inextricably linked. Both have been huge influences on my own music. To me they share more than just a name. They mine the same seam  – country, soul, gospel and blues – all influence their respective styles. They even shared musicians. So here are two of my favourite albums from two of my favourite artists.

‘FROM ELVIS IN MEMPHIS’ by Elvis Presley (1969)

This album stems from a recording session that marked a milestone in Elvis Presley’s career. At Chips Moman’s American Studios in 1969, Elvis recorded in Memphis for the first time since 1955 and his days at Sun records. It took a lot to get him there.

His 1968 TV special had been the ‘comeback’ that relit the fire in his belly. Finally, Elvis was standing up to his manager, picking songs that he loved and shunning the Nashville and LA session studios. In just three weeks, Elvis made some of the greatest recordings of his career.

The singles culled from these sessions – Suspicious Minds, Don’t Cry Daddy, In the Ghetto – put him back at the top of the charts. ‘From Elvis from Memphis’, the first album released from these sessions, was by far his strongest LP for years.

‘KING OF AMERICA’ by The Costello Show (1986)

After a staggering run of eight albums in seven years, Elvis Costello decides to ditch his long-serving backing band – The Attractions – and try something new. Step forward Elvis Presley’s legendary TCB band.

The resulting album by The Costello Show, is a stunning collection of what would now be called Americana. Featuring some of the best songs of his career, Costello explores country, rockabilly, blues and jazz to create an album that puts him back in favour with the critics and gave him a confidence to follow his muse wherever it might take him.

Elvis channelled Elvis. And the results were stunning.


Join us at Glossop Labour Club on Thursday 10th October at 8pm. Entry is free, although a donation to the club would be appreciated.

Full venue and travel details here – https://glossoprecordclub.wordpress.com/venue-and-travel-details/



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